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1. From the shoulders up
2. Medium shot

Some qualities that make up an excellent headshot:

1. Looks like you on your very best day
2. Your hair/makeup/clothing is similar to what you would present in an audition, so it’s easy for them to remember you
3. No props
4. A simple white (or neutral) background is best
5. It shouldn’t look like a “glamour shot” – do not over-do it with hair and makeup! Simple is best
6. Cover up! Do not show too much skin




Pick One Monologue from below (Your monologue should not be more than 2 minutes).

Introduce yourself before reading.


In this monologue, Sade talks about the love she has for her father and how he is a motivator for some of her goals in life.

SADE:  I was never daddy’s little girl.  I was always fighting for his attention throughout my life.  He never gave me much affection. You never get used to something like that.  It’s why I like older men.  At least that’s what my therapist tells me. But it’s also why I have become the fierce businesswoman that I am today.

My father at best never worked for anyone his entire life.  Which I respect.  But he never thrived.  It was always about survival.  No time for anything but survival.   That’s a tough way to live, especially when you have a family.

I asked him once, I said, “Dad, are you happy with the life you’ve lived so far?”  He turned to me and told me, “NO”.

This is why with my success, I try to take the time to spend with him to sort of make up for lost time.  I know deep down he knows this; we just never talk about it.


In this monologue, GRACE is so fed up with men approaching her with their one-liners. In this comedy monologue, she talks to one of her good friends about the annoying men she randomly tolerates.

GRACE: I don’t know what it is with me lately but I just get so UGH! When guys come up to me, with their cheesy lines, (imitating guy) “Hey, you have such a beautiful smile” or “Can I just tell you that you are so beautiful”.  Ugh!  It disgusts me.  I mean, who the hell does this guy or that guy think he is to give me such compliments?  What gives him the right?  I don’t do anything to give off any kind of interest whatsoever, I completely look the other way when I see eye contact happening and they STILL come over thinking they’re so suave and it’s simply repulsive.  You know what I’m saying??

What does a girl have to do these days?  Maybe if I just vomited on myself the guy would walk the other way but I bet even then, I’d get, “The way you vomit on yourself is just so, so delightful.”

…All I want is to be left alone.  I have a man, I love my man and I do my best to be polite but the irritation and the cheesy lines are getting to be too much.  Guys are blind; they really are, OBLIVIOUS to when a girl is not interested.  There are days when I rather am a man.


In this monologue, EMEKA talks to his brother about how he wishes they were close.

EMEKA:  You know, you’ve been looking at me for years like I’m kind of ignorant when all you’ve ever done in your own life is exactly that, criticize others. I’m your favorite past time.  In your eyes, anything I do is wrong, right?  Emeka can never do no right. Emeka’s shoulders are too big, Emeka doesn’t make enough money, Emeka’s car is ugly, and Emeka’s girlfriend isn’t good enough for him.

If you weren’t my brother, I’d knock the teeth right out of your mouth.  Cold. God forbid you show any sort of support for anything that I do.  It’s like a crime to say one good thing about me.  Why is that?  Why are you so hateful toward me?  What did I ever do to you to get treated like some piece of shit dangling off your shoe?

We could have been close, the two of us.  We could have been really good friends.  It’s sad.  I always took a liking to you but you always hated my guts.  Nothing I can do about it at this point.

The worst thing of all is that I’d still go out on a limb for you, no matter what..but I know you’d leave me to die if the shoe was on the other foot.

That’s just the way it is man.  I’ve accepted it.


In this monologue, David complains to his friend about how long it takes his girlfriend to get ready.

DAVID: Why do women always have to make men wait before we go out?  Hours. It’s unbelievable.  It is a forever process.  Forever to get into the shower, forever to take the shower, forever to dry themselves after the shower, forever to choose what they are wearing, forever to put on make up, forever to do their hair, forever to stare at themselves in the mirror.

But it’s worth it.  Listen, Nike takes a minimum and I mean minimum of three hours to get ready and that’s without prep time.  Prep time is running her errands, getting all her pedicure stuff done, tanning, buying a new outfit just for the night we are going out, getting her hair did and on and on.

But it’s worth it.  When a woman is done getting ready, it is like being given entrance into the gates of heaven.  First off, my girl looks gorgeous and secondly, I am totally excited that she is finally ready to go out, so I am extra happy.

What a process men go through.

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